Council and Chairpersons

Gary Hilgendorf, Pastor
David Teran, Associate Pastor
Bob Duram, Council President
Don Sheehan, Council Vice President
Leslie Dixon, Council Secretary/Treasurer
David Dixon, Council
Carol Donner, Council
Christina Reidl, Council
Bev Cunningham, Council

Leslie Dixon, Church Secretary

Karen Handtke (9AM Service), pianist
Barb Howe, Sanctuary Decorations

“Working Today for a Better Tomorrow”
Mary Lou Hosler, President
Bev Cunningham, First Vice President
Barb Bixby, Second Vice President
Sandy Sheehan, Secretary
Cathy Patenaude, Treasurer

“To provide assistance to others in the name of our Lord”
Harry Howe, The Spider Men

Please feel free to call on any board or committee members with questions, concerns or if you desire to participate in any of the activities or ministries of the church.